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Texas Longhorns

When building the ranch, we had to make a decision as to what type of cattle we would raise. As a family, we decided to raise Registered Texas Longhorns. We came to this conclusion after learning more about this great, historical breed of cattle. Texas Longhorns are incredibly adaptable. They have survived in rough terrain and through harsh conditions, including long droughts and horrible winters.
They were able to survive even when settlers and missionaries could not. For many years they roamed and grazed the countryside as wild cattle. Later settlers discovered how profitable driving these cattle could be. They drove them westward or shipped them by rail to the east, where there was a demand for beef. In less than 40 years, they were pushed closer to extinction than the buffalo. A breed of cattle that had numbered more than 10 million had been reduced to less than 1500 head. Through individuals who got involved in bringing this breed back, and through the formation of the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America, the Longhorn population is growing again.

Texas Longhorns also have a long lifespan and are disease and parasite resistant. They have a good disposition and are intelligent, which makes them ideal for a family owned ranch. For the health conscience consumer, Texas Longhorns are ideal. They produce a leaner beef than any other breed. It is lower in cholesterol and has fewer calories than white meat chicken.

Of course our favorite characteristic of Texas Longhorns is their long horns! No other breed in the industry can match the magnificence and beauty of a Texas Longhorn. We also like the beautiful and varied colorations of this unique breed of cattle. There aren’t two that look the same! They truly are a “living symbol of the Old West.”